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What makes us Special?

At LaMarco Physical Therapy, we offer traditional hands-on physical techniques in conjunction with the most modern modalities and state-of-the-art equipment. Our therapists are highly skilled in manual techniques to mobilize spinal and extremity joints as well as soft tissue.

A full range of traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation services for spine and extremity related disorders are readily available at our center. However, the following services distinguish our expertise as one of the leaders in physical medicine standardization and application.

Comprehensive, On-Going Evaluations:
Our therapists look at the entire body and its’ Biomechanics. This means we are dedicated to not just relieving your symptoms, but in finding the cause of your pain/problem so that we can eradicate the source and prevent any re-occurrence. Our patients are offered consistency in care, because we begin each re-visit with a mini evaluation to assess the efficacy of the previous treatments and overall progress. Treatment programs are continually modified, adjusted and progressed accordingly.

Customized Treatment Programs:
Our therapists take the information obtained from their comprehensive evaluation, combine it with their special training and experience, add in the patients’ needs, lifestyle and personal goals to design a treatment program that is right for each individual.

The McKenzie Method
The McKenzie method of evaluation looks at repeated movements in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine to aid in the assessment of spinal pain. The treatment involves using repeated movements frequently throughout therapy and the instruction of a home exercise program to help control pain.

McConnell Taping
McConnell Taping is used as an effective method to control pain, improve function and even increase stability of a joint. The most common areas that taping is used are the knees (to treat PFS), shoulders and the ankles. The taping procedure for the knee will position the patella away from the symptomatic contact point and improve tracking through the patellofemoral groove.

Functional Spinal Stabilization
Functional Spinal stabilization is the recruitment and training of the postural muscles necessary to stabilize all levels of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar), while performing daily functional activities such as reaching overhead, lifting an object, pushing a cart, driving a car, hitting a golf ball or throwing a ball. Muscle memory is first learned in simple movement patterns and stable postures, and then progressed to more challenging movement patterns and positions related to functional activity patterns.

Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial Release is a gentle and very effective modality working directly on the fascia to assist the body in the release of chronic tension, muscular pain and dysfunction, and postural distortions. Patients will experience a higher level of pain free function and relaxation.

Temporomandibular Joint Treatment (TMJ)
TMJ Treatments include Treatments such as ultrasound, ice/heat, e-stim, muscle stretching, massage, postural reeducation, manual therapy (joint mobilization) may be employed in the treatment plan to help with pain and dysfunction. Post operative TMJ patients benefit from physical therapy techniques to reduce pain, improve motion and function of the TMJ.

Pre & Postnatal Pain Management
Pregnant women often develop back pain or even sacro-iliac pain. The loosening of ligamental tissue in the preparation for birth is often the cause of this pain. PT before birth can aid in strengthening muscles and tissues and after birth can help regain lost strength and endurance. Various modalities such as massage and therapeutic moist heat can help ease pain.